School Counseling Page

Welcome to the School Counseling webpage.  You can find information about Too Good For Drugs by scrolling down.

School Counselors provide a variety of services within the school.  Our primary responsibility is to oversee the safety and wellness of the students that we serve.  Some of those services include:

*Weekly Developmental Guidance in the classroom.

*Small groups

*Individual supportive counseling

*Parent & Teacher consultations

*Parent workshops

*Student Advocacy

*School wide prevention activities

*Behavior Management

*Referrals to outside services when necessary

*Crisis Prevention/Response

*Participation in IEP/SAT/504 meetings

*Committee involvement

*Student Council Sponsor


Too Good For Drugs (TGFD):

During weekly classroom counseling lessons, I have begun using a new curriculum provided by Kanawha County Schools called “Too Good For Drugs” (TGFD). The program will last for 10 weeks and was developed to empower children with the social-emotional learning and substance abuse prevention skills they need to lead happy and healthy lives. TGFD cultivates positive outcomes through the development of goal setting, decision making, conflict resolution, and effective communication skills. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and were written for each grade level, Kindergarten through 5th grade. As always, we feel that it is important for you to talk to your child(ren) about what they have learned and information for parents will be uploaded here each week so that you can follow along and be aware of what your child is learning during classroom counseling.  TGFD provides “Home Workouts” that you can complete with your child(ren) which supplement the lesson taught in your child’s class. You can find each grade levels Home Workout below.  Just click on the link and the page should load.  Feel free to print these off or just review with your child(ren) at home. 

If you would like to learn more about the TGFD program, please visit  You can find the Home Workout page for each grade level below.


Kindergarten:  Practice the song we learned: “I’m Too Good for Drugs”.

1st grade: 1st grade week 4

2nd grade: Review the cards from the I-Message game with your parents.

3rd grade: 3rd grade week 4

4th grade: 4th grade week 4

5th grade: 5th grade week 4


Kindergarten:  week 3:  Review your feelings cards with an adult.

1st grade:  1st grade week 3

2nd grade: 2nd grade week 3

3rd grade: 3rd grade lesson 3

4th grade: 4th grade lesson 3

5th grade: 5th grade lesson 3


Kindergarten: Kindergarten Home Workout week 2

1st grade:  1st grade Home Workout week 2

2nd grade: 2nd grade Home Workout

3rd grade: 3rd grade Home Workout

4th grade: 4th grade Home Workout

5th grade: 5th grade Home Workout


Kindergarten: week 1:  K week 1 home workout

1st grade: week 1:  1st gr week 1 home workout

2nd grade:  week 1: gr 2 week 1 home workout

3rd grade: week 1: gr 3 week 1 home workout

4th grade: week 1:  grade 4 week 1 home workout

5th grade: week 1: gr 5 week 1 home workout

Feel free to call or email with any questions/concerns/needs

~Ally Radenheimer, MA, Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor